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The great egg basket challenge.

We were given the challenge to make a basket which will catch and protect an egg. We worked in groups of three to plan, make and test the baskets.


Report writing.

Have a look at our reports on pirates.  



Money and Maths.

We have used our knowledge of money to play games in class. Some of us had to make the amount we landed on, while others had to work out the amounts added together. 


World book day…

On World Book day we looked at the story of Hansel and Gretal. We used freeze frames to act out the story. Can you guess what part each group is acting out? 


Off to Stratford for a book launch…

We were really lucky this week, as we got to go to the Chris Hoy’s book launch of Flying Fergus. Have a look at the pictures of our wonderful day.



The Night Zoo Keeper

We have been really inspired by the visit from the Night Zoo Keeper. We would like to apply for the vacant position. Here are our job applications. 


Building Rockets….

As we have been looking at materials in Science, Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake in History and The Man on the Moon in English; it only seemed right that we build our own rockets to fly. First we had to learn about the properties of different materials, before we could decide what would be the best material to make our rockets from. Once we had decided, we planned not only what the rocket should look like but how the shape affects the distance it will travel. The word areodynamic was being used in lots of discussions. Then we were allowed to build it in our teams.  

The next part was to test the rockets. We discussed how we could make it a fair test and went to the hall to test them.

From our results we evaluated which rockets flew the furthest and why. We have really enjoyed discovering materials and are looking forward to finding out more next term. 

Here we are with our rockets.


The properties of 2D shape…

Yesterday, we looked at different shapes and identified their properties. We looked at sides, straight sides, curved sides and corners. We all did a great job. 😀 


Looking forward…

During PSHEE, we have thought about what a good learning environment looks like. We used our ideas to design classrooms of the future. We then lo 


 oked at our targets for this term and said how we are going to achieve them. Check back to see how we have got on with this.

Maths and colouring…

We used our maths skills of multiplication, addition and subtraction to complete these colour by number cards. Who ever said that Maths isn’t fun?