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Building Rockets….

As we have been looking at materials in Science, Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake in History and The Man on the Moon in English; it only seemed right that we build our own rockets to fly. First we had to learn about the properties of different materials, before we could decide what would be the […]

Our Trip to the Science Museum…

We all had a wonderful day at the Science Museum. Here are some of our pictures.                       

Musical Melody…

We have been working on our recorder skills in Music.    


W2 uoy era gnikrow yrev drah ta eht tnemom. lleW enod.

Down in the art room…

Down in the art room we have been creating African masks. We firstly drew our masks, then painted one side of the mask. We then folded it over to create a symmetrical pattern for the other half of our mask. Please come into class to see them on display.