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Maths week…

Wow what a marvellous, magical Maths week we have had. A visit by the Maths man, creating board games with 6M, making school building art with 2D shapes, designing posters and finally sharing our work in assembly on Friday. Here are some of the pictures of what we have done.       

Becoming artists…

Our new topic is helping us to be better artists. This week, while looking at the artist Monet, we were also reviewing the skills we need when creating art. Many of us didn’t know our primary or secondary colours, so we set out to learn them. We took the three primary colours of red, yellow […]

Making food from the plants we have grown…

So it has been a busy few weeks since we planted our seeds. Lots has happened in that time. Once the seeds had germinated, we planted them outside.       We have been watering them daily and watching them grow. Finally, our basil was ready to start cooking. We planned to make pasta with a […]

Fractions and biscuits…

We wanted a deeper understanding of fractions, so we investigated by breaking biscuits into different fractions. We also got to eat them after. Yum yum.                 

Growing plants for our Science topic.

For this terms topic of ‘Little Gardeners’ we are trying to grow a mix of salads and plants. Here we are planting our seeds.             


This week we have been looking at co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions. Today we tried to turn them into power openers by putting the conjunction at the start. Could you have made a different sentence?             

The great egg basket challenge.

We were given the challenge to make a basket which will catch and protect an egg. We worked in groups of three to plan, make and test the baskets.                  

Report writing.

Have a look at our reports on pirates.              

World book day…

On World Book day we looked at the story of Hansel and Gretal. We used freeze frames to act out the story. Can you guess what part each group is acting out?              

Off to Stratford for a book launch…

We were really lucky this week, as we got to go to the Chris Hoy’s book launch of Flying Fergus. Have a look at the pictures of our wonderful day.                Th e